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What is The DeadPool:
The DeadPool is an annual even to see who is the best at predicting the death of the years famous.

Official Rules for game:

1. Select a team roster of 20 celebrities. Sign-up and picks open Thanksgiving - Dec.31 of year prior to game, eligible for prizes. (since this is a US based game we try to get everyone here until the very last moment to join. So we go by Hawaii time which is the last to turn midnight.)

2. Rosters entered Jan. 1 to Thanksgiving will not be competing for prizes in any year, but may join along.

3. Starting in 2018 a death must be confirmed by name in at least 3 of these souces (Associated Press, BBC, CNN, Dailymail, FOX News, Huffington Post, LA Times, MSNBC, NPR, NY Post, NY Times,Rolling Stone, The Gaurdian, The Independnt, Variety) so stick to celebs and other high profile individuals. AP news has become a stagnant limited source for news.

4. Player is responsible for own picks. So if pick is already dead, illegal pick or doesn't make headlines; player will be able to make changes up until Jan.1 of game year.

5. An illegal pick shall be defined by the following:
a. Each roster my only have one each of a particular person. If a duplicate dies, the roster will only be awarded once for the death.

b. No one on death row prior to start of year. (You are fine if you pick them before they make death row, and that death sentencing occurs after Jan.1 of year's game) i.e. Timothy McVeigh was sentenced Dec.28, 2000 so even if you picked him on Dec.25, 2000 for Deadpool2002 he still wouldn't have been a valid choice.

c. After TheDeadpool 2016 game, no picks under the age of 30 at time of death, unless

1) they are a professional/olympic athelete or music star or listed as an actor on IMDB having appeared on movie/tv

2) they are a child/spouse of: an actor listed on IMDB having appeared on movie/tv, a sports star, or a past or present world leader (i.e. in US president only)

6. Scoring will be based on 100 minus age. Minimum 1 point.

7. Team with the most points by 12:00 PST midnight of that years game, wins.
6a. In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be used to select a winner amongst the tied teams; total number of deaths predicted , if teams are still tied, youngest person on team to die. If a tie persists, then Co-winners will be declared.

8. The deadpool shall not be held responsible for any errors in awarding of prizes. And no refunds for entry fees will be offered.

9. If we reach 10 or more entries there will be a $100 cash prize to highest score of the year. Ties split evenly.

If you have any questions or comments contact us via email at: